Meditation Sunshine Coast

Mindfulness and meditation classes, programs and workshops for kids and adults to help cultivate physical, mental and emotional well being

What Is Meditation?

Meditation means different things to different people depending on the style or method, spiritual or cultural traditions, time periods, texts, teachers and individual philosophies.

Meditation was traditionally used as a means to reach a state of higher consciousness, with good health just being a side effect. Now with our understanding of stress and the benefits of relaxation, meditation has become an effective technique in treating a wide range of physical, mental and emotional stressors.

Meditation is a mental discipline, which uses attention regulation techniques, to cultivate a calm and focused mind. You don't necessarily have to meditate to be mindful but you do need to be mindful to meditate...

Mindfulness is about:

  • Being present in the moment and mindful of our day to day experiences (allowing yourself to be still and paying attention only to what you are doing here and now).
  • Observing our senses, thoughts and emotions without judgement (being open to them and allowing them to flow).
  • Increasing our level of self-awareness so we can learn to make thoughtful choices, decisions and actions (being calm and less reactive to challenging situations).

How meditation works:

Excessive thinking and prolonged states of stress are becoming more prevalent with adults, as well as kids, contributing to a range of mental and physical conditions. Our minds and bodies continue in fight or flight (or just busyness) mode instead of relaxing into a comfortable state of well being in between stressful events (or even just work).

Mindulness & How the Brain Works (from Smiling Minds)


" Meditation and mindfulness is about being aware of the present moment. By focusing on the here and now, we are able to suspend our thoughts, feelings, experiences and judgement, to bring about a sense of peace, clarity and self-awareness."