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FOCI is your personal AI coach and wearable productivity monitor for better mental performance and deeper focus. FOCI tracks your emotions through breathing patterns to boost your focus.


EMOTION TRACKING: Get to know every focus, calm, distraction, stress, fatigue, and flow throughout the day for added self-awareness.


DEEP WORK: Set Pomodoro timers, view detailed productivity stats on your working patterns, use distraction alerts, and focus music breath pacing to stay focused longer.


DISTRACTION ALERTS: Cut short distractions with timely nudges. Customize five types of distraction nudges to stay on track as you work.


FOCUS BOOST: Train with focus biofeedback and relaxation biofeedback to learn to control attention and refresh from fatigue and stress.


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FOCI AI Mindfulness Tool

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$125.00 Regular Price
$99.00Sale Price
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