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About Me

Michelle Eckles
Mindfulness Meditation Educator

About me

I'm Michelle, owner of Meditation Sunshine Coast in Australia.


I became curious about meditation during a challenging period of my life. I was completely overwhelmed with being separated, running a business that was no longer financially viable, selling my home, driving an unreliable car, and looking after two children. I also suffered from chronic back pain, was taking painkillers regularly, and drinking myself to sleep most nights. I was faced with either a path of antidepressants or finding some other coping mechanism. I knew I needed to find something that didn't just help when I was in a state of overwhelm, but that would help prevent me from getting into that state in the first place.

And so I tried meditation. And full disclosure – I couldn't sit still for more than five minutes or count to ten breaths! I found that trying to learn through an app or on my own wasn't working. And so I began looking for teachers and studying and researching meditation and then mindfulness.

As a result, I completed:

  • Advanced Certificate in Guiding and Teaching Meditation through the Australian Centre for Mindfulness and Meditation (ACMM)

  • Mindfulness Meditation Teacher training (MBSM) at the Gawler Foundation

  • Mindfulness for Wellbeing and Peak Performance through Monash University

  • Corporate Mindfulness (ACMM)

Realising the benefits mindfulness and meditation could have on younger people, I also went on to complete:

  • Meditation Capsules

  • Meditation for Parents and Children

  • Connected Kids

  • Sensory Detective (Autism Spectrum)

  • Inspired Kids Yoga

  • Calm Coach

  • Youth Psychology and Counselling

Practising mindfulness and establishing a meditation practice have had a massive impact on my life, and I continue to experience the benefits daily. 


In my work life, these practices were essential to my success as an events manager for high-profile speakers such as Brene Brown, Malala Yousafzai, Simon Sinek, and the Obamas. It enabled me to remain calm, focussed, and productive in this demanding role. It also gave me the resilience I needed when that career ended due to that virus that shall not be named.

In my private life, practising meditation has enabled me to be less reactive, more patient, and healthier, kinder, and compassionate to myself, as well as to those around me. These traits have become essential with two teens and a grandmother with dementia in my care. 

I ran my Mindfulness Meditation for Beginners program for kids, teens, and adults for several years, from my studio on the Sunshine Coast. I have extended my teaching capacity to incorporate community classes, online courses, workplace workshops and programs, 1:1 coaching, and my favourite - retreats.

I am passionate about educating and demonstrating the benefits of practising mindfulness and meditation to help reduce feelings of anxiety, overwhelm and stress, and increase feelings of calm, clarity, and connection.


I also facilitate programs on behalf of Mindfulness Works Australia and am a registered provider for the Healthy Sunshine Coast Program and Career, Money, Life. I am a member of the Meditation Association of Australia and and a Veriditas trained and certified labyrinth facilitator.

In 2022 I published a book Cultivating a Calm Mind - a guide to

reducing anxiety, improving sleep and managing thoughts and

emotions using mindfulness nad meditation techniques.

Available in hard copy (with free postage) or a digial bundle here:

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