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How to Stop Overthinking

A quick and simple step by step guide to managing thoughts, reducing feelings of stress and overwhelm, sleeping better, increasing focus, slowing down and enjoying life.

Gyan Mudra

You don’t have to sit on a pillow for 30 minutes to feel the benefits.

There are short simple techniques you can do anywhere anytime to help you calm down, refocus and enjoy life.


Stop being a slave to your thoughts and emotions and losing any more of your precious time being distracted by them. Stop missing out on enjoying the moment you are in because you will never get it back again!


Download this step by step guide to feeling calmer, less overwhelmed, less reactive and more focussed, written by a qualified and experienced mindfulness and meditation practitioner (without the woo woo).

What You'll Learn (inside the 70-page book)

  • Over 30 ways to incorporate mindfulness into your daily life

  • Breathing exercises to reduce feelings of overwhelm  quickly and effectively

  • Relaxation techniques to reduce muscle tension and pain and improve the quality of your sleep

  • Tools to stop overthinking and manage your thoughts

  • Methods to process emotions and stop being overwhelmed by them or developing emotional phobia

  • 6 Steps to establishing a practice

Plant Shadows


"Michelle leaves the woo woo behind and helps ordinary people learn not only HOW to meditate but WHY it's so important."

- Elizabeth

Choose Your Preferred Format

Choose how you would like to receive your copy of Cultivating a Calm Mind - it's your guide to managing stress, thoughts and emotions to lead a happier more peaceful life with intent.


PDF Book - $11

PDF version you can download and read on your device or print

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Audio Book - $22

2 hour audio book INCLUDING FREE Printable PDF, ebook and kindle version


Hard Copy - $44

Printed copy with worksheets and QR code links to audios and videos INCLUDING FREE Postage

In today's fast-paced world, find your calm and clarity.

Download our step-by-step guide to achieving peace, focus, and mindfulness, crafted by an expert in meditation and mindfulness (without the fluff).

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