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mindfulness for the workplace with meditation Sunshine coast

Mindfulness for the Workplace 

Employee and leadership mindfulness training programs reduce anxiety, emotional exhaustion, reactivity, and rumination. They also improve empathy, cohesion, co-worker relationships, concentration, cognition, and work-life balance. 

Mindfulness training for the workplace can be tailored to all industries, demographics and schedules.

Mindfulness Workshops

  • 90minute, half-day or full-day mindfulness for the workplace workshop options

  • Theme tailored to your needs, e.g. managing stress, increasing focus & productivity, relaxation techniques

  • Mindfulness workbooks provided for each attendee

  • Face to face and online options are available, as well as venue hire options

   From $880

Mindfulness For The Workplace

  • Program tailored to your needs or 5 x 75 min sessions covering

~ workplace stress,

~ focus and productivity,

~ relaxation techniques,

~ managing thoughts, and

~ developing emotional intelligence.

  • Mindfulness workbooks provided for each attendee plus online meditation library

  • Face to face or online

   From $2,200

Mindfulness In The Workplace

For some free tips and to download my Tips for Mindfulness for the Workplace to start implementing mindfulness practices into your workday and workplace to improve:

  • employee relationships,

  • productivity, and

  • well-being

check out my "Mindfulness In The Workplace" blog post. 

mindfulness for the workplace review by DOEAS

Michelle was interesting, captivating, funny, down-to-earth, compassionate and extremely good at what she does. Using mindfulness to help me better manage unrelenting anxiety, obsessive worrying and work overload.


I have found that using the breathing exercises that Michelle provided helpful when having a stressful day, and I intend to keep practising daily.

mindfulness for the workplace review by parent to parent

During the first lockdown of COVID the organisation I work for offered the staff and 8 week meditation program to help with our selfcare. We were grateful for the option of meditation and learnt skills of mindfulness.


I totally recommend the techniques that Michelle talks you through and as a team it gave us a greater understanding how important selfcare is to get through these uncertain times.

mindfulness for the workplace review by sunshine coast council

Michelle offered two Meditation sessions at the recent Healthy Ageing Forum 2022 – Moving and Grooving into Healthy Ageing, and had the audience of over 200 people ‘spell-bound’. It was a potentially difficult environment to offer a Meditation session as participants had been in attendance all day listening to speakers in the healthy and wellbeing space, and were possibly becoming a little fatigued, however Michelle’s session had them all fully engaged. The sessions were a perfect mix for the audience – Michelle had ‘read the room’ brilliantly. I highly recommend Michelle as a Meditation instructor.

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