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Studying at Home

Online Meditation Courses

Learn how to establish a mindfulness meditation practice in the privacy of your home, at your own pace, with the guidance of an experienced and qualified mindfulness meditation teacher. Short affordable DIY mini-courses to reduce anxiety, sleep better, and manage your thoughts and emotions are available on my Cultivating a Calm Mind Course Membership page in Kartra (individual links below). My complete Mindfulness Meditation for Beginners coaching program will be available online soon as well as live virtual group programs and one on one online mindfulness coaching.  

Breathing Techniques to Reduce Anxiety 

Learn to reduce anxiety and increase focus and clarity with a variety of efficient, easy and effective breathing techniques. 

Relaxation Techniques to Sleep Better

Improve your sleep quality and relieve aches and pains with these quick and easy body relaxation exercises.

Stop Overthinking

Gain clarity and focus, reduce stress and anxiety and stop being controlled by your thoughts with these tips to stop overthinking.

How to Manage Your Emotions

Reduce the suffering caused by resisting or being overwhelmed by emotions with these techniques to develop emotional intelligence. 

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5 Week Mindfulness Meditation for Beginners Coaching Program
5 Week Mindfulness Meditation for Beginners Coaching Program
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17 Aug 2022, 6:00 pm AEST
Live Online
Learn to reduce stress and anxiety, increase focus and clarity, sleep better and manage your thoughts and emotions.
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