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Finger labyrinths are a meditation tool to assist with calm and clarity.


The labyrinth is an archetype, a divine imprint, found in various religious traditions and forms worldwide. A labyrinth differs from a maze in that they have one way into the center and one way out. There are no tricks or traps, just twists, and turns.


Finger labyrinths are a meditation tool and an opportunity to practice mindfulness. They can also assist with balancing the hemispheres of the brain. While the left brain is engaged in the intricacies of the path, the right brain is free to engage with its intuition. This process can enable new thinking methods and facilitate connection with your intuition. “Walking” a finger labyrinth allows a state of stillness and receptivity where we can receive creative thoughts, answers to questions, or insight on challenges or gain some calm and clarity.


These handmade wooden labyrinths are 15cm in diameter and come in Huon Pine (limited stock), Oak (limited stock), or Jarrah.


They come with full instructions and a guide to finger labyrinths, and you can also read my blog post all about labyrinths and download my Guide to Walking a Labyrinth


Includes FREE shippng.

Finger Labyrinth

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