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How to Have a DIY Meditation Retreat

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

DIY meditation space, your own meditation retreat at home

There are many benefits to attending a meditation retreat including:

  • Detoxing from digital devices - helps you gain focus and clarity and reduce stress and anxiety

  • Meeting like minded people and making new connections - find your tribe

  • Removing yourself from the distractions of every day life - easier to focus on you

  • Educating yourself - improve physical, mental and emotional wellbeing

  • Learning new skills like mindfulness and meditation - long lasting benefits

  • Being in nature - calming and serene

  • Experiencing new places - enhance life enjoyment

  • Establishing new habits - align with your values

  • Getting out of your head and into your body - what does it need?

  • Absorbing positive energy - release negative energy and lift your vibration to attract

  • Relaxation and healing

If you can't get away for a meditation retreat (or afford one), here are 7 tips for a DIY Meditation Retreat:

  1. Tell your family and friends you are going away for the weekend.

  2. Create a schedule of the activities you want to do.

  3. Make your retreat a mix of active, relaxation, education and fun.

  4. Do any household chores you would normally do on the weekend on the Friday before you check in for your home retreat.

  5. Plan your meals and shop for them beforehand or preorder takeaway or book your favourite restaurant.

  6. Pack a bag with all the items you will need for your activities so they are all in the one place.

  7. Turn your phone off.

Sample day schedule:

  1. Yoga, Tai Chi or Qigong

  2. Meditation

  3. Breakfast

  4. Reading, podcast or mini online course

  5. Lunch

  6. Walk

  7. Relaxation massage or bath

  8. Candelit dinner

  9. Movie

If you want to learn how to reduce stress, sleep better and manage your thoughts and emotions whilst surrounded by serenity, and you love picnicking in beautiful gardens, magical waterfall walks and long lunches at wineries then join me on one of my Queensland Meditation Retreats.

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