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Cultivating a Calm Mind Retreat
Booking Terms and Conditions

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By registering for this retreat, you agree to the booking terms and conditions and code of conduct as follows:

  • The rules and safety measures at the venue must be observed at all times. If you cause any property damage, you will be liable for costs incurred. 

  • Travel insurance is recommended for your own protection. 

  • You are responsible for your own COVID-19 protective action, e.g. vaccination mandates, social distancing, hand sanitiser, mask-wearing, checking in, tracking and tracing, quarantine regulations. Please check all restrictions, mandates and regulations before departure. 

  • All retreat and program materials are not to be copied, shared or distributed (including meditation recordings).

  • There are no warranties, guarantees or promises of any kind with respect to this retreat and the activities.

  • You acknowledge that all activities may carry inherent dangers, such as the risk of illness, bodily injury, disability, or death. By participating in these activities, you understand and agree that you have freely chosen to assume these risks.




  • Accommodation (as per the package you have chosen and paid for):

    • Unpowered site for van, campers or tent; or

    • Single or double occupancy belle tent with 2 x singles or 1 x double bed, linen, table, and chairs; or

    • Single occupancy cabin with a double bed, linen, ensuite, bar fridge.

  • Shared kitchen facilities.

  • Shared toilet and shower – for those not in cabins.

  • Meals:

    • Friday lunch - wrap station 

    • Saturday lunch - picnic at the botanic gardens

    • Sunday lunch - 2 course meal at winery 

  • Activities:

    • Mindfulness & Meditation workshops x 2

    • Yoga classes x 2

    • Fire ceremony 

    • Journal making workshop

    • Art of feminine presence workshop 

    • Botanic gardens visit and picnic 

    • Silent meditation walk at Cedar Creek Falls

    • Sound bath 

    • Labyrinth walk 

    • Wine tasting and lunch


  • Breakfast, dinner, snacks, drinks 

  • Paragliding or hang gliding - please book this directly with  Oz Paragliding if you are interested.


Cancellation policy:

  • The $500 deposit paid to secure your place is NON REFUNDABLE.

  • Your balance for the retreat needs to be paid in full a month prior to departure. 

  • If you cancel 30 days or more before departure, all monies paid less your $500 deposit will be refunded. 

  • If you cancel between 14 and 30 days before departure, you will forfeit all monies paid. If the retreat is at full capacity and you find a replacement for your spot, they may take your place. A $100 transfer fee will apply.  

  • If you cancel within 14 days prior to departure, you will forfeit all monies paid. 

  • Requests to transfer to another retreat will be on a case-by-case basis.

  • You will not receive a discount or be refunded for any activities you choose not to do or that get cancelled due to circumstances beyond the control of Michelle Eckles and Meditation Sunshine Coast.

  • If Meditation Sunshine Coast cancels the retreat due to the lack of minimum numbers required, you may choose between a refund or rescheduling to another date. 


Code of Conduct:

For the safety, comfort and enjoyment of all participants and to maximise the benefits of this retreat, please observe the following:

  • Any type of harassment, verbal or physical abuse, will not be tolerated, including slander, racial or prejudicial comments (participant will be asked to leave the retreat).

  • Illegal substances are not permitted. Alcohol is allowed during allocated free time and the winery tour. However, any intoxicated persons will be asked to leave an activity.

  • Personal space and privacy are to be respected at all times, as well as the opinions, thoughts and feelings of other participants.

  • Refrain from talking or distracting other students during a meditation (there will be time for sharing/feedback afterwards). Persistent disruptive behaviour will be addressed.

  • Reserve the need to judge, react or try to fix yourself or anyone else - choose instead to listen mindfully, creating a confidential, trusting and open space for sharing.

  • Solicitation or promotion of businesses, products or services is not permitted (unless asked).

  • Turn your mobile phones off (or leave them secured in your van) during the workshops, meditations and hikes to avoid distractions and interruptions.

  • It is likely that your photograph may be taken as a part of this retreat, and this content may be visible to people outside of the retreat. Please advise Michelle ASAP if you do not wish to have your photo taken or published. 

  • This is a retreat for women only, and the activities and accommodation are only for participants who have paid for one of the packages to be part of the group. Please leave your husband or boyfriend at home and disable your online dating profile notifications! 

  • Your retreat leader (Michelle Eckles) will be available from 8.00am to 8.00pm daily – please respect her privacy and need for downtime outside of these hours (unless there's an emergency) to give you the best experience.



Set aside the usual distractions of home and bring 100% of yourself!

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