Mindfulness and Meditation


Mindfulness, meditation and labyrinth workshops for kids, teens and adults. Tailored to all industries and demographics. 


Mindfulness and Meditation


Mindfulness, meditation and labyrinth workshops for kids, teens and adults. Tailored to all industries and demographics. 


60 minutes to 3 hours – from $495

Mindfulness Workshops in the Workplace

This is an Introduction to Mindfulness Workshop that highlights how mindfulness can be applied in the workplace for physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Topics may include:

  • Mindfulness – what it is, benefits, how it works
  • Breathing techniques and relaxation exercises – to reduce stress and anxiety and sleep better
  • Stress response – what it is, how meditation can help manage it
  • Managing the thinking mind – tips for reducing overthinking and increasing clarity, focus, productivity and decision making 
  • Emotional intelligence – to enable self regulation, empathy, harmonious relationships
  • Face to face or online options available
  • Equipment can be provided depending on venue and numbers (e.g. mats, stools, cushions, etc.)
  • All workshops include a printed guide for each attendee and access to online meditations
  • 4, 6 or 8 week mindfulness programs also available


60 minute session – from $330

Mindfulness and Meditation Workshops for Kids and Teens

Choose from Mindfulness for Calm, Clarity and Connection (see below) or Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation. These workshops are a fun, engaging and interactive way for kids and teens to experience mindfulness and meditation. Topics include:

  • Mindfulness and meditation explained
  • The benefits of meditation and how it works
  • Posture and positions
  • The stress response
  • Breathing techniques
  • Body relaxation
  • Available for school camps, primary schools (grade 6) and high schools
  • 4, 6 or 8 week mindfulness meditation programs also available for schools
  • 1:1 Calm Tools coaching also available (private sessions in the home)

Workshops can be tailored for different demographics, industries, venues and locations. A venue can be hired on your behalf if you don’t have suitable space on your premises. I am available to facilitate mindfulness and meditation workshops on the Sunshine Coast, as well as Brisbane and the Gold Coast, subject to travel expenses and availability. Please phone, complete the contact form below or email me to enquire about mindfulness and meditation workshops and to book. If group sessions aren’t suitable I also offer 1:1 Mindfulness Coaching.

11 + 10 =

90 minutes – from $30 per person

Mindfulness for Calm, Clarity and Connection

In this engaging and interactive workshop, participants will experience using mindful breathing to cultivate calmness, finger labyrinths for focus and clarity and a walking labyrinth for connecting to intution. Topics include:

    • About mindfulness and how to implement it into every day life
    • About meditation, it’s benefits, how it works
    • The stress response and how to manage it
    • Breathing techniques to reduce anxiety and stress and increase focus and clarity
    • Single pointed focus and why it’s better than trying to multitask
    • About labyrinths, their history, their uses, how they work
    • All equipment is provided
    • Includes a printed guide for each attendee
    • Held at the Maroochy Botanic Gardens in Tanawha – check my facebook events page for upcoming dates or contact me to make a group booking
    • Read my blog post all about Labyrinths




Feedback from participants


“A lovely introduction to meditation. It feels like there was a lot of thought put into it.”


“Very enjoyable and educational.”


“I thoroughly enjoyed the soothing feel of this class.”


“A beautiful interlude at a busy time. Very useful handout.”


“A state of dynamic harmony between the body, mind and spirit of a person and the social and cultural influences which make up his or her environment.” (WHO definition of Health)

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