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Meditation for Teens

Teens are now growing up in a hyperkinetic environment – overloaded by external stimulation and constantly bombarded with the distraction of technology from tv, mobile phones, tablets, laptops, gaming and other devices.

In addition, with the expectation and pressure to multitask, learn high volumes of information and perform at the mind and body’s maximum capacity for long periods of time (e.g. school then sport), the brain’s neural pathways can become scrambled, making it difficult to focus and concentrate on a single task.

Just being constantly busy can cause excessive stress on our minds and bodies and excessive thinking about the past and the future can cause anxiety and depression. Recent studies have shown that one in seven kids aged between 4 and 17 now has a diagnosed mental illness, the rate of suicide in adolescents has increased by 30% over the last 10 years and they are three times as likely to be injured or killed in an accident.

Significant neurological changes in the teenage brain may result in things like:

  • Higher motivation to try new things, take greater risks and look for excitement, whilst focusing on the pros rather than the cons of these activities.
  • Feelings of boredom, thrill seeking and the constant need for stimulation due to lower dopamine levels.
  • Drive for social connection, making new friends and  spending more time with them than family. 
  • Heightened emotions, e.g. impulsive, moody, intense, reactive.
  • Expanded sense of consciousness – the need to question and explore rather than just accept what adults tell them.
The good news is, how teens choose to focus their attention throughout this period plays an important part in the growth of their brains and overall physical, mental and emotional well being. Using Mindfulness Meditation they can learn to guide their bodies and minds into a state of rest and stillness (homeostasis) to promote optimal health, performance and if necessary, healing.

4 Week Mindfulness for Teens Program:

During our 4 week Mindfulness for Teens Program (recommended for ages 12 to 15) we use a variety of mindfulness, meditation and yoga techniques and exercises to demonstrate a range of topics and practices to help manage stress and anxiety as well as cultivate focus and concentration:
  • Breathing techniques
  • Sensory awareness
  • Body awareness and muscle relaxation
  • The stress response and emotional awareness
  • Awareness of thoughts
  • Affirmations
Each week we talk about the science and purpose of these functions and how to be more aware and mindful of them to cultivate physical, mental and emotional well being, not just for ourselves but for those around us too. We integrate each topic with a breathing exercise, relaxation technique and meditation, as well as an object, activity or worksheet in their manuals, to integrate and reinforce what they have learnt.

Includes all equipment, a manual/workbook and a DIY journal they get to pain and decorate to take home after the final week. 

Please see the registration form below for the class schedule and availability for 2019 and to secure a place for your teen please complete the online registration form below or download our Registration Form and email it to us.

For kids aged 8 to 12 please refer to our Meditation for Kids Program.
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FREE trial class for kids age 8-12yo Wednesday 8th May @ 5.15pm (60min)
Wednesday 3.45pm (60min) - 8 Week Program for Kids age 8 to 12 (commencing 15th May 2019) - $140
Wednesday 5.15pm (60-750min) - 4 Week Program for Teens age 12 to 15 (commencing 22nd May 2019) - $100

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4 Week Mindfulness Program for Teens
4 Week Mindfulness Program for Teens

8 Week Mindfulness Program for Kids
8 Week Mindfulness Program for Kids
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Meditation for Kids - DIY kit
Meditation for Kids - DIY kit


“How you choose to focus your attention throughout this period plays an important part in the growth of the brain and overall physical, mental and emotional well being.” Dan Siegel