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Meditation for Kids

Unlike adults, most children don’t know how to recognise, cope with, or process stress unless they have been taught to.

They can easily be bombarded with negative images from the news, movies and computer games, as well as the constant distraction of technology from tv, mobile phones, tablets and other devices.

Therefore, being silent and still can make them feel bored and uncomfortable or anxious and disconnected, so then they distract themselves with more activity to the point their nervous systems can become overloaded. Their neural pathways can also become scrambled, with the expectation and pressure to multitask and perform at high capacities, making it difficult for them to focus and concentrate on a single task.

Meditation cultivates the resting response our bodies need for optimal heath and healing, as well as improves attention to cognitive abilities such as learning, memory and problem solving. In addition, teaching children to be mindful and live with a greater level of consciousness, helps them to be more present and accepting of their current state of being, as well as less reactive to stressful situations as they become more self aware.

Benefits of meditation for kids

How does meditation for kids work?

Similar to telling your child a bedtime story, meditation helps children use their imagination to switch off and enter into an Alpha state – relaxed but alert.

8 Week Meditation for Kids Program:

During our 8 week Meditation for Kids Program (for kids age 8 to 12) we cover a range of topics and practices to cultivate mindful awareness:

Each week we talk about the science and purpose of these functions and how to be more aware and mindful of them to cultivate physical, mental and emotional well being, not just for ourselves but for those around us too. We integrate each topic with a breathing exercise, relaxation technique and meditation, as well as an object or activity to integrate and reinforce what they have learnt. These all go into a Meditation Toolkit, along with a journal they are given in the first week, for them to take home at the end of the program.

Classes are held in Nambour or Maroochydore and run for approximately 30-45 minutes. Places are limited to 8 kids per class and the program cost (including materials and kits) is $132 per child.

To register your child for our 2018 Term 1 program commencing the week beginning the 29th January please complete the online registration form below or download our Registration Form and email it to us. You can also download our Meditation for Kids Program Parent Information Sheet.
For more information on our 8 Week Meditation for Kids Program please contact us or check the events section of our facebook page for upcoming dates.       

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Wednesday 4.30pm @ Nambour (commencing 31st January)
Thursday 3.45pm @ Maroochydore (commencing 1st February)
Friday 4.30pm @ Nambour (commencing 2nd February)
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8 Week Meditation for Kids Program
8 Week Meditation for Kids Program


“Teaching children the life skills of mindfulness cultivates a level of self awareness and self discovery. Living moment to moment with a greater level of consciousness enables them to make thoughtful choices and decisions, with kindness and compassion, to themselves, their friends, families, the greater community and the environment.”