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Introduction to Meditation Program

Establishing a meditation practice can have many benefits on every day life. It can help you:

Our introduction to meditation program is meditation classes for beginners, covering a variety of techniques. This is to give you an overview and practical experience of each, for you to then be able go away and establish a practice using the technique/s that you found the most useful and effective in meeting your goal for wanting to learn meditation. The program is broken up into 2 x 6 week modules. Module 1 covers the basics such as posture, positioning, breath awareness, body relaxation, mindfulness of thoughts and feelings. Module 2 is for those that would like to continue on and try more active styles of meditation such as insight, mantra, movement, labyrinth and sound. You can register for just the first one or both (they will follow on from each other) or do the second on at a later stage. 

Each six week program is $132 with all materials supplied, including mats, cushions, blankets, chairs, and a manual and handouts to take home with you.

Classes are held in Nambour and run for approximately one hour. To register for our 2018 Term 1 programs commencing the week beginning the 29th January (or to enquire about a tailored package for a specific group) please complete the online registration form below or download and print the registration form which you can then email to us.

We also have a casual class running Thursday nights at 6.00pm for those that have completed either of the programs or both and wish to continue with a regular group meditation or those who have prior meditation experience and would like to join us. If you are a new participant wanting to do the casual classes please complete the registration form.  

* Required

Module 1
Module 2
Both (module 2 after module 1)
Casual classes (Thursday night only)

EFT to BSB: 064424 Account: 10659674
Paypal (please use our direct paypal link or shop menu to complete purchase
Credit card over the phone (please call us at least 7 days prior to commencement of program to secure your place)
Cash (full payment required before commencement of first class)

Wednesday 10.30am - Module 1 (commencing 31st January)
Wednesday 6.30pm - Module 1 (commencing 31st January)
Friday 10.30am - Module 2 (commencing 2nd February)
Friday 6.30pm - Module 2 (commencing 2nd February)
Thursday 6.00pm - Casual classes only (commencing 1st February to 29th March)
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Introduction to Meditation Program - Module 1
Introduction to Meditation Program - Module 1
Introduction to Meditation Program - Module 2
Introduction to Meditation Program - Module 2