Meditation Sunshine Coast

Mindfulness and meditation classes, programs and workshops for kids and adults to help cultivate physical, mental and emotional well being

Benefits of Meditation


  • Let go of restless energy
  • Relieve muscle tension, body aches & pains
  • Aid relaxation & sleep


  • Acknowledge, process & let go of emotions (negative & positive) without being overwhelmed by them
  • Develop self esteem by accepting & not judging personal feelings, thoughts & emotions
  • Encourage thoughtful reactions & responses to challenges in a calm & less reactive manner (as we become more self aware)


  • Calm excessive thinking & mind chatter
  • Relieve stress & increase ability to cope with stressful situations
  • Improve focus & concentration as minds are less distracted, focused on the moment & what we are doing now (rather than what happened yesterday , today or the future)

Reasons to meditate:

  • Manage stress
  • Heal physically or emotionally
  • Find peace or balance
  • Be more productive & efficient at work
  • Perform better at sports
  • Get to know ourselves better to instil confidence & contentment with who we are           

"Our bodies, feelings and thoughts interact together and when we are healthy there is a good flow of energy between these three aspects. Meditation helps balance this energy."

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