Meditation Sunshine Coast

Mindfulness and meditation classes, programs and workshops for kids and adults to help cultivate physical, mental and emotional well being

About us

Meditation Sunshine Coast was created by Michelle Eckles.

Through her own practice of meditation, Michelle overcame a challenging period of her life to emerge with a passion and dedication to teaching the techniques of meditation to both adults and children.

As a result of learning these methods, people become more present, aware and mindful, which in turn has endless benefits from learning to cope with stress and process emotions to increasing focus and creative abilities, being kinder, more thoughtful and less reactive.

With ongoing practice they will find that they can handle change, loss and disappointment without so much anger and fear, enabling them to respond more appropriately and responsibly to the difficulties they may experience in their lives.

Meditation isn't just about breathing and relaxation, it's a powerful life skill that if taught, especially at an early age, can increase well being, emotional intelligence and resilience - creating a ripple effect in our community and wider.

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"A state of dynamic harmony between the body, mind and spirit of a person and the social and cultural influences which make up his or her environment." WHO definition of Health